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Thai Davis ’23

Veggie Vehicle

Thai will be creating a veggie vehicle. Inspired by the rising gas prices and the toll that fossil fuel emissions have taken on the environment, Thai, a current junior, will convert a diesel car into an automobile fueled by vegetable oil. Thai will do research which includes how to install a second fuel tank and fuel injector and how to reimagine a filtration system that will support used oil from restaurants. Then, Thai will document the process of refurbishing and rebuilding a car in order to make it street safe and environmentally friendly.


Ben Litvak Hinenzon '23

Tiny Farm, Big Impact

Ben will be taking on a project he calls "Tiny Farm, Big Impact." Climate change is on the rise, shortening the world’s longevity. For this reason, it’s crucial to learn about sustainability right now. Ben hopes to bring sustainability into his everyday life and educate others on how they can do the same. His plan is to create a tiny produce farm in his backyard consisting of fruits, vegetables, and chickens. He will be keeping a blog that documents the whole process, and will also provide resources about using sustainability to halt climate change.

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