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Alex spent some time during his junior year at Mt. Snow Academy, pursuing his passion for freestyle skiing and competing on a national level in this sport. It was his experiences there that inspired the Alex Cohn Grant.


This grant of up to $5,000, funded by donations from Alex’s family and friends, is designed to support other Beaver students who would like to explore their interest in an extracurricular activity that will have a meaningful impact on their life journey.

The Alex Cohn Grant is awarded to a rising junior or senior for an experiential, hands-on program or course of study that will enable the student to explore a passion for a particular topic or activity outside of school. There is no requirement that this experience serve a higher purpose to humanity other than to help the student pursue a passion or interest in a way that may have a profound effect on him/her and his/her world view, decision-making process, future goals and aspirations or educational, career or life choices.

Proposals will be judged on seriousness of commitment, clarity of goals, feasibility, and plans for sharing with the Beaver community.

Examples of submitted proposals:


– Jewelry Design Company

– Record a CD of original Folk-Rock songs

– Project on the intersection of Art and Technology

– Drum Project – Bringing the art of drumming to kids in The Boston Public Schools

– Design and build a computer based on Sound Engineering




To be considered for the Alex Cohn Grant, students must submit a written proposal to the selection committee and be prepared to speak and answer questions about their proposal to the committee.


To help students prepare for their proposal and presentation, the committee has set up a timeline to guide them through the process of investigation, writing a proposal (including a detailed budget), and preparing a presentation.​

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