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Ben Logan

Ben was inspired by the Street Artist Shepard Fairey and Street Art.  Ben won the award in 2011.  He reached out to Mr. Fairey and began an apprencticeship with the artists during the summer.  During that period, Ben, helped to plan, create, and manage murals all around the Boston area.  

A Testimonial

The beauty of the Alex Cohn grant is that

it truly allows you to experience an opportunity

unheard of in a high school students life.

Being able to work for an international

street artist, and create my own work,

was a dream come true. I think every student

should take this opportunity seriously

as it allows you to truly explore a passion of your own interest.

Read a profile on Ben's project

from The Beaver Reader


Kate Ablon '14
Last year at Beaver, current senior Ben Logan received the news that he had won the Alex Cohn Grant. After a challenging but fun and engaging summer, Logan has come back as a senior at Beaver with exciting stories from his adventure. Logan spent the entire summer working with the $5,000 provided to him to pursue his passion: street art.

Ben has gained many life experiences and has even created his own exhibit  here at Beaver. He was inspired to apply for the grant because of his work the previous summer with Shepard Fairey and other artists. Logan states, “when I returned to Boston, I wanted to do more work with murals and continue pursuing street art. I saw the grant as an opportunity to bring what I had done in California home”.

Along with facing many challenges, Logan found this process rewarding. His favorite part of the process was, “seeing  the reactions people had to my mural at the Epiphany School”. In addition, the artist had the opportunity to display his artwork for the whole Beaver community to enjoy in the Nancy Lincoln Art Gallery. Logan’s artwork is wonderful and has been enjoyed by both students and faculty.

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