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Desmond Mahoney

Desmond has had a life long fascination with cinema.  As the 2012 recipient of The Alex Cohn Grant he wrote,

directed, filmed, and acted in a production that took, as its subject, the history of movies.  Each film within a film took, as its inspiration. a decade/genre of cinematic history.  For instance, his 1920s vignette is a silent movie; his 1960s film is done in the spirit of "The Spaghetti Western."  Desmond's movies are hip, smart, funny, and beautifully authentic.

A Testimonial

The Alex Cohn Grant gave me the opportunity to do something truly amazing. Since I was a child I loved movies, and this love only grew more as I matured. Through the Alex Cohn Grant I was able to make nine, professional as possible, short films, each representing a different genre and decade. I would have never been able to do with without the grant. I not only made a final product I was proud of and my audience loved, but I also learned so much about filmmaking, teamwork, and myself. The Alex Cohn Grant gave me the opportunity to explore my passion for filmmkaing and was an invaluable learning experience.

Clips and Trailers

From "1920s Short Film"

From "The Bounty"


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